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Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Basics

The field of cosmetic dentistry is growing at an unprecedented rate. When home whitening strips came out, the effectiveness grew into a viral explosion of people becoming obsessed with the color of their teeth.

There are two major types of teeth whitening and we will take a look at each. As all both of them vary in their effectiveness.

In-Office Cosmetic Whitening:
This is the most effective and quickest way to whiten your teeth. The procedure uses a highly concentrated amount of peroxide gel. This procedure cannot be done at home because certain precautions need to be taken to protect the gums. The dentist will put a protected with the help of a rubber dam to prevent the peroxide from hurting the gums.
The cost for this type of treatment can be pricey. The peroxide is normally left on your teeth from 15 to 20 minutes. In some cases they will leave it on for an hour, if there are stubborn stains. Normally this procedure will cost around $650, and normally dental insurance will not cover it. However you can normally get the procedure discounted from 20-60% by using a company like True Dental Discounts.

Professional Take-Home Cosmetic Whitening Sets:
Take home strips are recognized by many dentists as a legitimate product to whiten your teeth over time. Take home strips and gels contain lower concentration of peroxide gel. These OTC strips normally cost around $100 to $400 and need to be left on your teeth overnight.

Teeth Whitening Options:
OTC teeth whitening strips and gels are the cheapest and most convenient way to whiten your teeth. Normally you can find teeth whitening strips or gels, in any major department store.
The gel can be applied in a few different ways, the most popular being whitening strips, whitening trays, or whitening gels.

Sometimes these whitening kits are not designed to whiten all your teeth, but only whiten the front teeth. The kits normally range between $20 to $100.
The home whitening kits generally work well for most people with mild staining, however many people with severe stains end up disappointed by the results. If you do have more severe staining it is best to go to a dentist to have your teeth professionally cleaned.

Information about Fluoride and Your Teeth

Enamel the outer layer of the crown of a tooth is made of closely packed mineral crystals.
Enamel is a very important part of the tooth, it is a protective layer made up of very dense mineral crystals. Everyday some enamel is lost due to a process called demineralization, this happens when plaque releases a acidic byproduct that harms the teeth. Luckily your body naturally tries to fight back against demineralization and attempts to try to restore this destructive process. This is done through minerals in the saliva, such as fluoride, calcium and phosphate, are deposited back into the enamel.

The reality is that your body probably will not be able to fully combat the effects of demineralization without some help. Too much loss of minerals without enough replacement leads to tooth decay. Fluoride helps in two ways. When children drink fluoride in small doses, it enters the bloodstream and helps to build strong permanent teeth; also fluoride can strengthen teeth from the outside, when it comes into contact with the teeth. When teeth are strengthened with fluoride, it makes it harder for the acids to erode the enamel of the teeth.

Fluoride is all around us, it is in foods and used as a supplement in some drinking water. This helps benefit the tooth development in people younger than 16. Topical fluorides are also available in many dental tooth pastes or rinses. While you are only using the fluoride for a short time, the elevated levels of fluoride levels last for hours after. When you go to the dentist professional fluoride treatments are given. They are applied as a varnish, foam, or gel. When the dentist applies fluoride to your teeth, it is in a much higher concentration than over-the-counter treatments. In certain cases special fluoride concentrations are prescribed to children who live in areas where fluoride is not added to the drinking water. Normally these supplements will be given to children between the age of 6 months to 16 years old.

Fluoride supplements should be given if your drinking water is not fluoridated. They are available in liquids and tablets. Your dentist or your pediatrician will need to prescribe them to you.

Is it Harmful
Fluoride is safe if it is used in safe dosages, but in heavy dosages it can be harmful, so it is important to monitor the fluoride levels if you are using it in your home. City water is constantly monitored to maintain save fluoride levels.

How to find an Orthodontist near me

Finding an Orthodontists near you is easy when you use the True Dental Discounts Orthodontist search engine. Once you click the link provided simply enter your zipcode, then select Orthodontist in the “Dental Specialties” drop down menu. Then click the search dentists button to find a list of Orthodontists in your area.

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