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Sugary Drinks & Food A Big “No-No” For Your Kids

Research has found that sugary drinks and foods are a major cause of the rotting teeth of children. One surgeon even went on a limb to say these foods and drinks should carry warnings similar to that of cigarettes! Numbers don’t lie… 46,500 children are in the hospital each year due to teeth removal. Sugar is leading to terrible tooth decay for these children.

Where it is found that our children’s teeth are healthier than they were last decade, there is obviously still a major concern for oral health in children. We have to take care of our teeth, adults and children! TrueDentalDiscounts encourages everyone to watch what they eat and make sure you brush your teeth when appropriate.

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Oral Care: Acknowledge It!

Kicking oral care to the curb is a big no-no! Here at TrueDentalDiscounts we like to nail this into your head. Brush your teeth after meals to get rid of bacteria, and make sure you are brushing with a well-suited bristled brush for your mouth. We also recommend that you do not brush too hard!

Flossing should be a part of your daily routine, and remember, do not floss too hard. Your gums are sensitive! Lastly, drink water and swish it around in your mouth after meals. Water protects your mouth — things like dry mouth and bad breath can be avoided with the help of water!

So again, TrueDentalDiscounts says acknowledge oral care! Your mouth and smile depend on you; do not let them down. In return, your overall health will not let you down if you take these tips and do them correctly!

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