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Boost your fluoride protection with massage technique

Researchers at Sweden’s University of Gothenburg have discovered a simple shortcut that can help you protect your teeth. As reported by ScienceDaily, researchers studied the effects of high-fluoride toothpastes and determined that people who used their finger to rub the toothpaste onto their teeth in lieu of a third daily brushing had equally healthy teeth as those who brushed their teeth three times a day.

This helpful rubbing technique can give you a boost of fluoride after lunch or during the work day. But regardless of whether you choose to use the massage method, it is important to expose your teeth to fluoride three times a day, the researchers found. They tested people who used either high-fluoride or standard toothpastes, and brushed either three times a day or twice a day. Those who brushed three times a day with high-fluoride toothpaste had four times better protection than those who brushed twice a day with regular toothpaste.

This is important because fluoride has been shown to combat and prevent tooth decay, particularly in people whose teeth are at higher risk. To learn more about the positive effects of fluoride, talk to a dentist on your True Dental Discounts dental plan. He or she can give you toothpaste recommendations and help you evaluate your brushing habits.

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