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Did you know that our oral health affects our overall health in many different ways? A dentist can examine your teeth and come to the conclusion if you have a medical issue or disease, or that your teeth are perfectly healthy! Obviously, the first key to preventing bad oral hygiene is daily brushing and flossing. Also, do not forget to visit your dentist for check-ups! If there is a disease caused by bad oral hygiene, the most likely first sign will begin in your mouth. Some diseases that could occur, include: Osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Endocarditis, Cardiovascular disease, HIV/AIDS, Premature birth, and Diabetes (For more information on these diseases, please visit

Of course, these are just some of the problems that could occur due to poor hygiene. What we can tell you is that your best bet is better safe than sorry! Do your best to take care of your teeth: brush properly, floss, visit the dentist for check-ups, and take care of your teeth and gums! Here at TrueDentalDiscounts, we offer great dental discount plans that will help you save on all of your dental procedures. Money should never discourage you when it comes to not only your dental health, but your overall health. Having said that, we understand that saving as much money as you can is always a plus. Please check out our dental plans so you can start getting your oral hygiene as healthy as it can be today!

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