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It’s Amazing What Our Teeth Can Reveal

Our teeth can reveal so many things about us, things such as age and gender, all the way to personality and bad habits. Sure, we can detect what expressions and smiles mean, but true discoveries lie in the teeth behind the smile. Recently, archaeologists unearthed evidence of man-made air pollution over 300,000 years ago! This revelation stemmed from, you guessed it, organic dental plaque remains found in the Qesam Cave outside of Tel Aviv, Israel. This discovery showed not only that our ancestors were having good ol’ fashion barbecues inside their cave, they were breathing in all of the polluted air from the blazing flames. When analyzed, among all of the bits and pieces of things that came into contact with the mouth of these people, researchers found fungal spores, micro-charcoal and pollen fragments. There was also evidence of all the plants, nuts and grains that were consumed. When it came down to barbecuing their latest hunt, it is likely that they grilled “incaves” to control their fire, which in return, has revealed to us the first man-made pollution known to mankind!

It is truly amazing that teeth plaque could reveal so much information about a culture. It makes you think: what will our teeth reveal to the future archaeologists of the world? One thing is for sure, here at, we do our best to keep the teeth of all our customers in the best shape possible, saving you money and providing you with top dentists along the way. We can see it now, thousands of years down the line, archaeologists will be saying “Wow, our ancestors really took good care of their teeth!”

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