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One Word: Flossing

Flossing. No one likes to do it. It isn’t the greatest feeling, and it takes an extra few annoying minutes out of your day. Having said that, it is quick and easy to do, and again, it only takes a few minutes! Why do we avoid doing it? It is good for our oral health, and our overall well-being. Yet, we lie to our dentist about doing this simple task. Fact is, dentists know when we are not telling the truth. The junk (also known as plaque) in our teeth doesn’t lie!

In a recent survey, almost 33% of people said they would rather do chores than floss. 9% of people even said they would rather sit in awful traffic, with 7% saying the sounds of crying children on an airplane sounds like a better idea. Here at TrueDentalDiscounts, are personally surprised by this survey. Flossing sounds way better than all of those! If you ask us, this is one way of preventing gum disease, and is way more cooler than cleaning toilets and dishes!

In a different survey, it was found that about 4 out of every 10 U.S. citizens floss every single day, while 20% never find the time to do it. We hope these numbers don’t apply to your customers; all of our TrueDentalDiscounts friends floss every day, right?!

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