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Problem With Anesthetics?

New research has found that it is very possible that the use of anesthetics in dental surgery affects tooth cell growth, especially in the development of a child’s teeth. Studies have found evidence of this affect in the cellular and molecular levels of children’s teeth.

It is known that dental treatment is a top user of local anesthetics compared to other clinical fields. Side affects on dental tissue are now showing a negative affect. Further studies are needed, however, and if a child needs surgery (such as an extraction) it is recommended they still go through with the procedure.

As stated in earlier blogs, as long as adults do their jobs to keep their kids on the right track of good oral hygiene, i.e. routine check-ups and healthy diets, then surgery can most likely be avoided! Check out if you need a dental plan to help you save big on all of your dental needs!

Reference: (accessed 9/8/2015).

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