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Cavities: It Can Happen To You

Most people may not know that teeth cavities can actually occur at any age. In fact, it is possible that the probability of getting a cavity increases with age. Cavities are not fun; they lead to infection, aches and if you do not get them treated, you just might lose a tooth or two!

Some things that factor into getting a cavity include: dry mouth, recessed gums, a high-sugar diet (watch out for acidic and sticky foods!), lack of going to the dentist for check-ups, not brushing your teeth, and lack of flossing.

Taking care of your teeth and routinely visiting the dentist is important. Brush those teeth people! Whether you are a kid or a senior, a cavity can happen to you! Don’t forget, a cavity could be the start of many other dental and health issues. When it comes to spending your buck, always make health your #1 priority.

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