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Dental Plan or Dental Insurance?

When most people think of dental coverage, insurance automatically comes to mind. It is only natural to hear the word insurance for something, and think “I have to have this in case something happens.” However, there is a tremendous amount of people in this world who have never heard of a dental plan, which can save you much more money, time and hassles!

Dental insurance does not cover much! Sure, insurance gives you two covered check-ups a year, but that’s about it (and check-ups are probably the cheapest dental need a person has). There are long waiting periods, rates are normally high, and the payouts on them are only about $1000 to $2000 a year. High out-of-pocket expenses definitely hurt the bank account. Discount dental plans work right away and have no limitations, exclusions or maximums!

has the best dental discount plans to offer in the nation. Keep in mind, procedures are very expensive; the more you have to spend to keep your dental health in check, the more you will save with these plans.

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