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Prescriptions for treating asthma

Everyone with asthma knows how crippling an asthma attack can be. These attacks are characterized by constricted and inflamed airways and are often triggered by irritants such as pollen or even cold air. Someone experiencing an asthma attack may exhibit severe coughing or wheezing as they struggle to breathe. Fortunately, there are many prescription drugs on the market that can help treat and prevent these attacks. One category of these drugs is focused on immediate relief of sudden symptoms. These inhalers work quickly to open a person’s airways and relax their muscles, stopping an asthma attack before it worsens.

However, most doctors advise patients to use these rescue inhalers sparingly, as they can cause jitters and do not treat the root cause of the issue. People who need to use rescue inhalers frequently are encouraged to talk to their doctor about long-term treatments that can help keep their asthma under control. Such treatments include anti-inflammatory corticosteroids, which help reduce the patient’s inflammation, and thereby prevent attacks from occurring. Corticosteroids can be taken either by inhaler or in an oral pill; however, inhaled drugs are generally considered to be safer because they cause fewer side effects. Common inhaler prescription medications include Azmacort and Flovent.

In cases where the asthma is too severe to treat with inhalers, oral medications such as Singulair can be prescribed. In both cases, treatments are taken daily as a preventative measure (rather than reactively when an attack is triggered). If you suffer from asthma, consider talking to your doctor about finding a long-term treatment plan that works for you. By using your True Dental Discounts membership, you can save money on your asthma prescriptions and enjoy a higher quality of life.

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