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Teeth & The Holiday Seasons

We know it is a little early, but Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are fast approaching. Tasty treats are definitely in store. After Halloween, Christmas is probably the most candy and snack intensive time of the year (for kids and adults), which means that being extra cautious is highly encouraged.

Now, we understand that talking about dental hygiene during the holiday seasons isn’t the most exciting thing ever, but it is important to emphasize. These times of year see a lot of dental issues come up in the days and weeks after, due to the amount of sugary snacks that are taken in.

Here are some suggestions to enjoy holiday snacking while preventing dental issues.

  • Consider serving treats after mealtime. The amount of saliva will be greater in people’s mouths following a meal, which in turn will be able to prevent some corrosive adhesion to the teeth.
  • Dairy acts as a buffer against harmful elements in treats, so it is a good idea to serve treats with milk.
  • If you or your kids like hard candy, you are going to want to floss after eating it. If it is able to stick in between your teeth, it can do harm there.
  • Try using sealed containers with distinct amounts of candy inside in order to encourage better portion control overall.
  • Drink more water! Along with keeping you hydrated, drinking more water will prevent buildup of corrosive elements on your teeth.

This is an early plea to stay safe these upcoming holiday seasons, and remember to brush and take care of your teeth!

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