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Tips for Choosing an eye doctor that’s right for you

Sight is arguably one of our most vital senses. As such, if your vision has been a little blurry lately or if you’re due for your regular eye exam, you may be rightly concerned about making sure you’re going to the best eye doctor available. Not all doctors are the same, so keep these tips from the Cleveland Clinic in mind when choosing the person you want to trust with your vision:

  • Look for experience: Ophthalmologists and optometrists who have years of experience under their belt are more likely to be able to detect problems or diseases in your eyes. This could mean earlier detection of cataracts or more precise evaluations of your overall vision. Plus, many veteran eye doctors are involved in medical research and studies, which means they may be more up to date on the latest procedures and treatments.
  • Research qualifications: Does your eye doctor have certificates or licenses prominently displayed in his or her office? Make sure when you’re searching for an eye doctor that you ask about that individual’s qualifications and degrees. Ophthalmologists and optometrists should be certified through an accredited medical school and be licensed to practice in your state. Taking the extra time to evaluate a potential doctor’s education and certification could bring you extra peace of mind at your next office visit.
  • Check out types of services offered: Depending on your personal vision needs, you may want to choose an eye doctor who either offers a wide range of services or who specializes in a few different areas. If you have trouble with glaucoma or cataracts, for instance, you may want to visit an eye doctor who specializes in the treatment of those diseases. For general vision care, a doctor who can provide several different services may be your best bet. But as long as your own eye care needs are being met, the type of doctor you choose is up to you.
  • Listen to the recommendations of other patients: Before committing to an eye doctor, ask your friends, family or colleagues which practitioner they would suggest you see. Praise from former or current patients is one of the best ways of measuring the ability and skills of a potential doctor. Find out from others if the doctor is personable, respectful, passionate, timely, etcetera. This will help guarantee a pleasant experience at your next appointment.
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