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Tips for Keeping kids safe around prescriptions

As an adult, you may already be familiar with the precautions and procedures associated with taking prescription medication. But what about when it comes to your children? Many people forget that special care must be taken when administering drugs to children, and also in the day-to-day storage and household habits of these medicines. By following these helpful tips from the Food and Drug Administration, parents can ensure their kids stay safe while around medication:

  • Keep all medication out of children’s reach. Some medications can be fatal when consumed by children, even in small doses.
  • Use child-resistant caps, and never leave medicine bottles open.
  • Examine dose cups carefully and be sure you understand the measurements used before using them to dispense medication to your child.
  • Never guess when trying to convert one type of measurement to another. Any miscalculations can be dangerous for children, no matter how slight.
  • Never try to remember the dose you gave to your child last time he or she was ill. Always read the label again and take that extra step for safety purposes.
  • Don’t give children the dosage recommended for adults, and don’t give them medicines only intended for adults. Either of these practices can have disastrous consequences, as children and adults often need very different amounts and types of medicines.
  • Check with a doctor before giving your child aspirin. In some cases, aspirin can cause serious illnesses in children.

As always, consult with your doctor before administering or trying out medication for your children. Safety is always the primary concern, and it’s never a bad idea to be overly cautious when it comes to prescription drugs. To get the maximum benefits for you and your family, also ask your doctor how you can save money on your children’s prescriptions by using the True Care prescription drug plan.

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