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Tips for saving on prescription drugs

In recent years, the cost of prescription drugs has skyrocketed, leaving many people to face tough decisions about the medicine they purchase. As the number of senior citizens rises, so does the number of prescriptions being filled every day in the United States. The AARP suggests that drug makers increased the cost of their brand-name medications for older people by 7.4 percent in 2007. This is just one example of the upturn prescription costs have taken. While it’s certainly a challenge to make sure you get the most for your money when it comes to medicine, here are a few tips that will help you, courtesy of the Associated Press:

  • Research your prescriptions at home before going to the pharmacy. Often, even though two drug stores may be only minutes apart, their medication costs may be very different. Call ahead to see which one will offer you the lowest price.
  • Get generic brands of your medication. Research has shown that generic brands are no less effective than their name-brand counterparts, and they’re sold at a fraction of the cost. Plus, generic alternatives are available for 8,730 of the FDA-approved drugs, according to the Generic Pharmaceutical Association, which means you’ll probably find one for your particular prescription.
  • Order your prescriptions by mail. Often, pharmacy programs will give people discounts for having their prescriptions fill through the mail, particularly if you order a few months’ supplies at a time.

But, as helpful as these cost-saving tips are, there’s one more solution you should keep in mind to dramatically reduce the cost of your prescriptions. By using your True Dental Discounts prescription discount card, you can expect a reduction on 80 to 90 percent of your required, acute care prescription needs. Just bring your card with you to the pharmacy and use it to cover prescriptions filled for any member of your family. On average, True Care members saved 35 percent on their prescriptions in September 2008. Make sure you’re a part of that savings by combining these tips with the advantages you get from being a True Care member. It’s certainly the best way to save money on all your prescription needs.

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