Prescription Care

Tips for Storing your Medication

With the scientific developments made in recent history, an incredible number of illnesses and diseases can be helped or cured through prescription medication. However, if you don’t store your medicines properly, all of those intended effects can be compromised. The FDA recommends that you ask your doctor if the container you use to organize your medications poses a risk to the pills inside. For instance, some medications are particularly sensitive to light, moisture or oxygen. If exposed to these elements for a period of time, the medicine could potentially break down due to its sensitivities.

The FDA notes that this occurs frequently in regions with high humidity, like along the Gulf Coast. To help avoid this, make sure you are keeping your medications in an approved container, and do not carry them in your pocket, where they are exposed to body heat. In cases where medicines break down prior to being ingested, doctors have found that they may not dissolve properly in the body, thereby reducing or eliminating their effectiveness. Talk to your pharmacist about the sensitivities of your particular prescriptions and select a storage container that meets those needs. Preserving your medication will help you save money and protect yourself in the long run. This is just one more step – in addition to using your True Dental Discounts prescription plan – that will improve the quality of your medication and your health.

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