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What is a generic medication?

Generic medications are generally created after the patent of a name-brand medication has expired. At this time, pharmaceutical companies can get the approval of the FDA to sell an equivalent product under a new name. The Generic Pharmaceutical Association explains that in order for a pharmaceutical manufacturer to be approved to market a generic drug, the drug must contain the same active ingredient; be identical in strength and dosage; and be equal in strength, purity and quality. It also must be manufactured under the same strict regulations as the brand-name drug.

Generic drugs can be found by asking your doctor or pharmacist about their availability. In general, most prescriptions can be substituted with a generic alternative, but it’s always a good idea to check ahead of time. The FDA’s Web site, allows consumers to search by drug name to get detailed information about each drug on the market.

Because of the FDA’s strict guidelines about the making of generic drugs, consumers should be assured that their generic drugs will be of the same quality and effectiveness as the brand name product. The Generic Pharmaceutical Association cautions people to not be thrown off by a difference in color or presentation; often, this is just to respect the patent of the original drug. Cosmetic differences will not impact the functionality of any prescription.

For more information about purchasing generic medicines, talk to your pharmacist or doctor about the options available to you. Generic drugs are a great way to maximize your savings, especially when you combine them with your True Dental Discounts Rx discount card.

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