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Articles - Reducing Cholesterol with Prescriptions

If your last doctor’s appointment revealed you have a problem with high cholesterol, your doctor may have suggested one of a number of statins – a prescription drug that reduces the cholesterol in a person’s body.

Statins block a cholesterol-producing enzyme in the liver, thereby lowering the amount of a person’s “bad cholesterol.” These drugs are prescribed for people at risk of cardiovascular disease and usually take effect within six weeks. Elevated cholesterol has many contributing factors, including a poor diet, lack of exercise, genetics and smoking. Left untreated, too much “bad cholesterol” can build up in a person’s arteries and harden into plaques.

Eventually, the person could suffer from a blood clot or heart attack and be forced to undergo surgical treatments to relieve the crowded arteries. To help prevent this situation from arising, a doctor may prescribe a statin – particularly if the patient’s cholesterol levels have not been lowered through normal diet and exercise changes.

If you have trouble maintaining a healthy cholesterol level, talk to your doctor about the possibility of getting a statin prescription. He or she will consider your personal health history and advise you on the best treatments for your lifestyle. To save money, make sure you use your True Dental Discounts, prescription card to get discounts on statins and many other medications. True Dental Discounts can help you lower both your cholesterol and your doctor’s bill.

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