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Below are news sources about discount dental plans and the savings they provide members. There are also related articles about the dental industry in the United States.

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Dental Cost Calculator 2.0 - True Dental Discounts
News Orginization: PRweb - Press Releases
TrueDental, a national leader in dental care savings, announced their enhanced Dental Cost Calculator 2.0. This tool provides individuals and families a way to figure out...
Telemedicine is hot, Careington officials say
News Orginization: Dallas Business Journal
Telemedicine is booming, Telemedicine involves the practice of medicine using two-way video, email, smartphones and other telecommunications tools...
Dental Benefits Evolve in an Exchange-Driven World
News Orginization: Society for Human Resource Management - SHRM
The dental benefits industry is moving forward as the Affordable Care Act unfolds, with a growing number of employers shifting toward self-funded plans...
Dental discount plans offer deep savings
News Orginization: KABC-TV Local7
According to the National Association of Dental Plans, 97 percent of dental insurance benefits are offered through employers. For the self-employed and unemployed, that leaves...
Keep 32: The New Chemical That Could Make Teeth Cavity Proof
News Orginization: Huffington Post
A new chemical has been developed that could potentially make human teeth ‘cavity proof’ thanks to its ability to wipes out all bacteria that cause cavities...
Common Sense Ideas for Significant Dental Savings
News Orginization: Health on a Budget
Having dental insurance can help significantly reduce the cost of having work done on your teeth, but dental insurance itself can be costly as well. The most obvious way to keep dental costs low is...
Dental Plans: Why Americans Are Paying More For Less
News Orginization: ABC News
As with the rising costs of overall health care, many times only the wealthiest have access to important dental care. Dental plans are foremost intended to promote the prevention of serious dental problems and greater costs down the line...
Dental price clubs: Should you bite?
News Orginization: Market Watch
A few firms operate on the Costco model: customers pay an annual membership fee of $75 to $150 in exchange for access to the network of dentists with whom they’ve pre-negotiated...
Comparison Shopping for Medical Procedures?
News Orginization: ABC News - Good Morning America
An estimated 46 million Americans don't have health insurance, and with the troubled economy those who are covered worry constantly about what could happen if they lose their jobs...
Dental Discount Plans Beat Insurance
News Orginization: Forbes
With drug costs now (mostly) covered by Medicare, dental care is the largest out-of-pocket medical expense for many a retiree. Count on spending some significant bucks if you like the idea...

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