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Dental Plans

Network: CallMD

A telemedicine service that includes a national network of medical doctors available for consultation 24 hours per day/7 days per week/365 days per year. Registered nurses will discuss the medical needs and arrange consultations with licensed doctors who may write a prescription for a non-narcotic or non-controlled medication at any time, day or night.

Members can consult with a doctor up to 12 times at no charge. All additional calls/consultations are at a reduced rate of $35.00 per consultation.

Additional Services Included:

  • FileMD: A personal health profile accessible via a secure line over the internet. When you contact the Physician Access Hotline for the first time, a Registered Nurse asks you to provide a full medical history. This history is stored via FileMD, which is HIPAA-compliant, and creates an Electronic Medical Record. This gives you the convenience of releasing medical data, updating information and storing documents such as insurance cards, consent forms, power of attorneys, living wills, etc.

State availability subject to change. Please visit www.careington.com/callmd for a complete list of state restrictions.

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Yearly Dental Plan
CallMD Plan
$340.00/ Per Year
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or call 1-800-231-0341

Monthly Dental Plan
CallMD Plan
$102.00/ Per Quarter
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or call 1-800-231-0341

Additional CallMD Plan Features that are Included:

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