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Oral Health Articles - Brushing as you Age

As we get older, it often becomes difficult to maintain the same quality of brushing we had as young adults. For instance, some people struggle with arthritis and cannot properly hold floss or a toothbrush for any length of time without experiencing pain. To help solve this problem and encourage oral health in senior citizens, the Michigan Dental Association suggests people try the following tips:

  • Enlarge the handle of your toothbrush by attaching the handle to another object. Use whatever is most convenient for you – a sponge or rubber ball would both work.

  • Lengthen the handle by taping it to a Popsicle stick or tongue depressor.

  • If you frequently drop your toothbrush, try temporarily attaching it to your hand with a rubber band.

  • Use an electric toothbrush to avoid having to exert as much pressure and effort.

Talk to your dentist about your specific concerns so the two of you can work out a plan that best suits your habits and routine. He or she can help you devise a solution to any brushing or flossing problems you’ve come across and give you advice about how to continue your oral hygiene regimen. A clean and healthy mouth is imperative for everyone, but especially in seniors who are more susceptible to infection. Take back control of your oral heath and talk to a dentist in your True Dental Discounts membership today.

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