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Vision Care Articles - Living (Well) with Low Vision

Millions of people suffer from low vision, but not everyone takes steps to protect their remaining eyesight. If you have glaucoma or another damaging eye condition, you don’t have to give up the activities you love. Instead, consider these tips from the Glaucoma Research Foundation. They could help you maximize your sight and stay active for years to come.

• Increase and brighten the lighting in your home, especially in the areas you spend the most time: the bathroom, the kitchen, the stairways.

• Increase the contrast of your daily tasks. For instance, use white plates and cups when eating dark food, or use thick felt-tip pens instead of sharp ball points. This will increase your ability to distinguish one item from another.

• Always put important items in the same place every time. If you know exactly where your keys and wallet are, you won’t have to search the house when you’re getting ready to go. The same goes for medications, your dog’s leash, and the toothpaste.

• Read large-text books or listen to books on tape. Having low vision doesn’t mean you have to give up reading your favorite novel! Talk to your librarian about the resources available to you at your local library. As using the computer, you can also adjust the settings on your personal computer to make the icons and text larger. This will ease your eyes while surfing the web or typing a document.

• Re-label important items. If you have trouble reading the small words on a recipe or aren’t sure what type of spice you’re holding, take a white label and write the information in big, bold letters. This is especially important for medications, because taking the wrong one could be dangerous.

• Talk to your eye doctor about your lifestyle and your options. He or she will be able to give you specific tips about maximizing your activity and eyesight.

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