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Careington POS

Dental Network: Careington POS

The Careington POS dental plan helps you save money on many different kinds of dental care expenses: Dental, Vision, Hearing, and even LASIK specialists.

  • Save 20% - 50% on most dental procedures including routine oral exams, unlimited cleanings, and major work such as dentures, root canals and crowns.

  • 20% Savings on orthodontics including braces and retainers for children and adults.

  • 20% reduction on specialist's normal fees. Specialties include: Endodontics, Oral Surgery, Pediatric Dentistry, Periodontics and Prosthodontics where available.

  • Cosmetic dentistry such as bonding and veneers also included.

  • All dentists must meet highly selective credentialing standards based on education, background, license standing and other requirements.

  • Members may visit any participating dentist on the plan and change providers at any time.

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Yearly Dental Plan
Dental Savings Plan
$239.40 $174.95/ Per Year
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Monthly Dental Plan
Dental Savings Plan
$19.95/ Per Month
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Additional Dental Plan Features that are Included:

There’s no reason you should be paying full price for health care. Whether you want to save money on all your health costs, or if you just want to save on dental care, True Dental Discounts is sure to have a discount dental plan for you!

As you can clearly see above the "Dental Savings Sample Chart" shows that the plan pays for itself in as little as one or two dental procedures.

* Regular cost is based on the national average of the 80th percentile usual and customary rates as detailed in the 2014 FairHealth Report in the Los Angeles, Orlando, Chicago and New York City metropolitan statistical areas.
** These fees represent the average of the assigned Careington Care POS fees in the Los Angeles, Orlando, Chicago and New York City metropolitan statistical areas. Prices subject to change.
*This discount plan is not available in MT, UT, VT or WA.

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