Dental Procedure: Root Canals

June 19th 2024By Admin

Dental Procedures

How much does a Root Canal cost?

The average cost for a root canal or similar dental procedure varies between $97 and $1,200+. However, with a dental savings plan, you could save on average 20% - 50%* for the same procedure. Costs will vary depending on where you live & your needs.

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The discounted prices you see are the exact prices at the general dentist for your zipcode.

Dental Procedures
Your Price with
Careington POS
D3110 Pulp Cap Direct (excluding final restoration) $108 $38
D3120 Pulp Cap Indirect (excluding final restoration) $108 $29
D3220 Therapeutic Pulpotomy (excluding final restoration) $270 $90
D3310 Endodontic Therapy - Anterior (excluding final restoration) $944 $377
D3320 Endodontic Therapy - Bicuspid (excluding final restoration) $1,082 $460
D3330 Endodontic Therapy - Molar (excluding final restoration) $1,303 $594

Find the Best Plan for Root Canals

Reduce the cost of a root canal by 20%-50% immediately!

How can we help you?

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Useful Facts about Dental Plans for Root Canals

Our dental plans can be used at local dentists who provide a 20%-50% discount on root canals.

The Careington 500 dental plan includes all the members of your family that are currently living in your household.

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