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AFHS is a smarter dental plan to save money and stay well. We help families save 25% to 60% on most dental care services including cleanings, root canals, crowns, braces, veneers and much more.

By encouraging you to see your dentist more often, we help you catch tooth decay before it causes bigger (and more costly) issues like root canal, crown, gum disease or worse.

  •    You Pick from thousands of trusted dentists and dental specialists, (i.e. orthodontists, oral surgeons, periodontists).
  •    You Pay our pre-negotiated, discounted rates directly to your dentist at time of service.
  •    You Save on virtually any procedure - Exams, Cleanings, Fillings, Braces, Cosmetic and more.
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Dental Savings Plans
Annual Dental Plan
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Individual Plans

Additional Dental Plan Features that are Included:

There’s no reason you should be paying full price for health care. Whether you want to save money on all your health costs, or if you just want to save on dental care, True Dental Discounts is sure to have a discount dental plan for you!

Dental Procedure Average Price* Discounted Price** Member Savings
Routine 6 mos check up $57 $10 82%
Full mouth X-Rays $144 $45 69%
Adult teeth cleaning $102 $38 63%
Child teeth cleaning $75 $28 63%
Protective sealant/tooth $61 $22 64%
White filling $175 $65 63%
Root canal bicuspid $967 $400 59%
Tooth replacement part of permanent bridge $1,197 $300 75%

**Typical discounted fees are listed for visits to participating dentists. Members are responsible for paying all applicable fees and charges directly to the dentist at the time of visit. Charges may vary from the sample listed above. Members should consult with their network dentist prior to beginning any treatment.

Vision Care

AFHS has partnered with to save you money on your family’s vision care. As an AFHS member, you can access USEYEPLAN.COM’s extensive network of private practice optometrists and ophthalmologists, as well as retail partners like Target, JC Penney Optical, Pearle Vision and Sears Optical.

Simply present your membership card to receive your AFHS Discount at your choice of provider.

Visit to locate a provider most convenient for you or to purchase contact lenses.

Hearing Discounts

AFHS offers free hearing screening and 15% savings on hearing aids through our partnership with Beltone Hearing Care Network.

More than 1,500 practitioners and retail locations nationwide.
Activate AFHS Discount by presenting membership card to provider at time of service.
Choose from more than 80 models of Beltone Hearing Aids.
Receive Beltone’s Lifetime Care Program, including free service, cleaning, inspection and adjustment for the life of your hearing aid.
Beltone products include warranty and Lost, Stolen or Damaged Protection Coverage.
Finance options are available.
For more information visit or call toll free (800) 235-8663.

Prescription Discounts

Instantly lower your prescription costs up to 60% on generic medications and 15% on brand name medications.
Accepted at 62,000 pharmacies, including most major chains such as: Walmart, Kroger, Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, Target, Duane Reade.
Easy to use - just present your card to pharmacists at time of purchase.
No limits - all FDA-approved prescription drugs covered – both brand name and generics.
Even covers medications for family pets with human equivalent prescriptions.

Lab Discounts

AFHS’s partnership with saves members an average of 50% off retail price of lab test. No insurance provider hassles. No doctor pre-approval necessary. Confidential results are emailed directly to you, typically within 48 hours!

How direct-to-consumer lab testing works:

Purchase desired lab test at or call toll free 1-866-328-9443
Receive confidential results via secure email ONLY to you

To ensure the highest-quality blood testing practices and most accurate results, is affiliated with the country’s largest, fully CLIA accredited medical reference laboratories. Quality and confidentiality of your lab tests and your privacy are guaranteed. Your AFHS Discount is accepted for virtually any blood or urine tests.

Common tests are: Chemistry Profile, Lipid (Cholesterol) Profile, Urine Drug testing, DNA Paternity testing, Male and Female Panels and more.

MRI discounts

AFHS saves you an average of 60% on advanced diagnostic imaging procedures such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and Computed Tomography (CT) scans. Our partnership with One Call Medical, the nation’s leader in specialty diagnostic services, qualifies you for significantly discounted rates at their nationwide network of highest-quality diagnostic imaging centers.

How direct-to-consumer lab testing works:

Call 1-877-814-2461 and give your AFHS membership number to the One Call Medical (OCM) representative.

OCM helps you select an imaging provider most convenient to your work or home.

With you still on the line, OCM contacts the facility to make your appointment and allow you to speak with the imaging specialist directly, answering any questions you may have about your upcoming procedure.

As you can clearly see above the "Dental Savings Sample Chart" shows that the plan pays for itself in as little as one or two dental procedures.