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Dental Fillings - Common Dental Procedures

Dental Procedure Discounts

To find the best rates for cavity fillings, patients usually get quotes from several dentists, asking for a comprehensive breakdown of the fees and the estimated total costs. However, to save you time we provide you with the average procedure cost in your area as well as the fee schedule with the actual price you will pay by procedure with yourCareington 500 dental plan.

How much does a Dental Cavity Filling cost?

The average cost for dental cavity filling is between $169 and $358+. However, with a discount dental plan, you could save on average 20% - 60% for the same procedure. Costs will vary depending on where you live and your needs.

Did you know that a discount dental plan will not only help you save on a dental cleanings, and routine dental work, but you can also save on a hundreds of other dental procedures?

Search for Dental Cavity Filling prices in your area :
Common Dental Procedures Average
Your Price with
Careington 500¹
$169 $43
$211 $55
$257 $65
$309 $79
$195 $55
$235 $66
$289 $83
$360 $106
$209 $69
$268 $102
$330 $129
$394 $149

Additional Dental Procedure Fee Schedules

Below you will find a list of some of common dental procedures that dentists perform when you are a member of a discount dental plan. Click the dental procedure below to review the fee schedule for that dental procedure:

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