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Articles - Dental Care & Health Care Resources

Below you'll find a list of useful articles that are dental related and could help you with some dental issues. If you have any questions, please feel free to visit the dental plan FAQs or contact us with any questions or concerns.

Dental Care Articles

Anesthetics at the Dentist
Brighten your Smile with a Whitening Treatment
Brushing as you Age
Canker Sores Making You Cantankerous?
Cleaning your Toothbrush
Dental Health for your Baby
Filling Technology
Flossing your Teeth
Filling Technology Advancements
Help your Child Feel Comfortable at the Dentist
Kids Teeth during Halloween
New Years Dental Hygiene
Protecting your Teeth during the Holidays
Replace a Filling
Teeth Whitening Options
Treating Gingivitis
Treating Toothaches
Wearing Braces on Halloween
When to take your Child to the Orthodontist

Vision Care Articles

Applying Eye Drops
Back to School Eye Exams
Candidate for Lasik Eye Surgery
Tips for Dry Eyes
Eye Care Professionals
Implantable Contact Lenses
Living with Low Vision
Tips for Preparing for a New Eye Doctor
Preparing for an Eye Exam
Preventing Eye Strains
Protecting your Eyes from UV
Recognizing Glaucoma
Recognizing Vision Problems in Kids
Retinal Examinations
Should you get Contacts
Testing for Glaucoma
Varieties of Contact Lenses
Various Eye Disorders
What to Expect at an Eye Exam

Prescription Care Articles

Internet Prescriptions
Prescription Tampering
Prescription Treatments for Acne
Prescriptions to Reduce Cholesterol
Seasonal Affective Disorder Prescriptions

Hearing Care Articles

Childrens Toys Impact Hearing

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