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Vision Health Articles: Tips on How to Apply Eye Drops

Eye drops today are used for a surprising number of reasons. While some people use eye drops to cure pink eye or other infections, other people use drops to flush out and moisturize their eyes. Eye drops come in both prescription and over-the-counter varieties, and they are commonly found both inside and outside the eye doctor’s office. But no matter what your use, it’s important to be informed about the proper way of applying the drops to your eyes.

A person’s eyes are very sensitive, so it’s necessary to learn about eye drop safety before you put a foreign substance into your eyes. Next time you’re getting ready to use your drops, follow these steps, courtesy of the Glaucoma Research Foundation:

  • Tilt your head backward while lying down, sitting, or standing.
  • Gently pull down your lower eye lid to reveal the bottom of your eye ball.
  • Squeeze the eye drop container and allow a drop to fall into the gap you created by pulling down your lower lid.
  • Slowly let go of the hold you have on your eye lid. Do not squeeze or rub your eyes, or you may risk pushing the liquid out of its intended area.
  • Softly press the inside corner of your closed eye with your index finger and thumb for a couple minutes. This will prevent the drops from being soaked into your body and allow them to remain in the eye.
  • Blot around your eyes to remove any excess moisture.
  • If you’re not sure you successfully got a drop into your eye, it’s OK to put another in.

Extra drops will run out of your eye, so you aren’t in danger of using too many. If you have problems applying your drops or have questions about them, be sure to talk to your eye doctor. He or she will be able to give you personalized tips and can talk to you about your individual circumstances. By using your True Dental Discounts, discount vision plan, you can get advice from a professional at a very low cost. This plan will save you a lot of time trying to figure out which drops are best for your eyes and those of your family.

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