Dental Research

Dental Research: Pediatric Dentistry

Specialists in this field are trained to deal with children from infancy to teens. These doctors need to know how to deal with young children so they can help a child through the process of going to the dentist.¹ Some children can become very fearful of the process, therefore these dentists need to know how to comfort the child along with working on their teeth.¹

Other responsibilities¹

  •    Teach parents ways to get rid of bad habits children may have, provide better nutrition for them.
  •    Work with many different types of problems with kids teeth.
  •    Explain to families about cavities and gum diseases.
  •    Describe to young kids or teens the importance of brushing and flossing every day.
  •    Help nurture teeth and provide care for dental problems for many years.

A general job description of Pediatric Dentist:

  •    Offers dental care for babies, kids, and teens.
  •    Treats baby teeth and permanent teeth.
  •    Able to work with behavior problems or handicap conditions.
  •    Advises families about children's dental health and ways to improve or prevent problems.


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