Dental Research

Dental Research: Prosthodontics

This area of dentistry deals with replacing missing teeth with bridges or dentures.

What is a Prosthodontist?

A specialist that deals with placing implants, dentures, or bridges into a patient’s mouth. These specialists go to dental school for an extra three years after a normal dentist.¹

Types of procedures performed:

  •    Placing crowns caps and bridges.
  •    Providing veneers, removable dentures and permanent implants
  •    Restoring old or decayed implants

Things to avoid with braces:²

  •    The materials used
  •    Procedure is done by a dentist or actual prosthodontist
  •    Number of visits required
  •    Involvedness of the procedure
  •    Lab fees
  •    The equipment used in the procedures

Ball park ranges can only be given because of the wide variety of factors. Depending on the dental procedure the price can start at $100 to $3,000. Learn More...


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