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Vision Health Articles: Dry Eye: Symptoms and Treatment

Do you ever wake up with itchy eyes? Do your eyes feel like they’re stinging or burning? If so, you’re likely one of the millions of people who have dry eye, a condition in which the eyes do not produce enough tears to stay moist. Typical symptoms of dry eye include the aforementioned stinging and scratchiness, plus extreme sensitivity to smoke or wind and trouble wearing contact lenses.

In order to keep your eyes well-hydrated, you may consider using artificial tears. These are easily obtained from your local drug store and can be applied at the first sign of dryness. EyeCare America also suggests that people protect their existing tears by using a humidifier and avoiding dry situations, like very warm rooms or bonfires. However, if none of these DIY tips are effective, patients also have the option of asking their eye doctor to physically close the channel that tears drain out of in the corner of the eye.

These channels can be closed either temporarily or permanently and will help preserve a person’s existing tears and hold in any applied artificial tears. Dry eye typically worsens as a person ages, so talk to your eye doctor now about any concerns you might have. He or she can give you advice about treatments that best fit into your plan for total visual health.

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