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Oral Health Articles: Help your child get comfortable going to the Dentist

Ensuring lifelong oral health for your child often begins with establishing regular visits to the dentist. But as many parents know, it isn’t always easy to get a child to look forward to those semi-annual visits. Next time you schedule appointments for your children, use these tips to help make their office visit smooth and stress-free.

  • Choose a pediatric dentist – Getting your child to feel comfortable in the dentist’s chair often begins with finding the right dentist. Many dentists specialize in working with children, which means they have experience in interacting with the young members of your family. Pediatric dentists are more likely to be patient and sympathetic to your child’s anxiety, and they’ll go out of their way to make your child’s experience as pain-free as possible. This caring touch will make all the difference in a child’s eyes. Check your True Dental Discounts membership fulfillment kit to find a participating pediatric dentist.

  • Great atmosphere, great attitude – Take your child with you when you’re searching for the perfect dentist and let him explore the various waiting rooms you visit. The ideal environment will be colorful, warm and inviting. Many dentists offer stacks of kids’ magazines, a toy box, a chalkboard or coloring books to keep your child happy and occupied in the waiting room. A child is much more likely to be relaxed in a room that’s painted to look like the ocean than in one with stark-white walls and stiff chairs.

  • Importance of incentives – Something as simple as promising a trip to the zoo or even just a few stickers can be a big encouragement to kids who are reluctant to go to the dentist. Many dentists, particularly pediatric dentists, also have small prizes available for children to take home. This gives a child something to look forward to and distracts him from any initial anxiety he may experience.

Be sure to ask your True Dental Discounts, participating dentist if she offers items like colored toothbrushes or smile-shaped temporary tattoos to ease your child into the dental environment.

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