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Oral Health Articles: Protect your Teeth during the 2024 Holidays

The weeks that close out the year are typically filled with lots of food, drinks and late nights. But even though it’s good to unwind and have fun during the holiday season, it’s also important to remember your dental health. Holidays often feature platters of sugary foods and desserts, as well as fizzy drinks – all of which can potentially erode your teeth if left in your mouth long enough or over a significant period of time.

And because people are often so busy with parties and shopping, they often forget to brush their teeth at night (or even at all), which only makes teeth more susceptible to cavities. To prevent this from happening, avoid acidic or fizzy drinks, including fruit juice, champagne and soda. Of course, it’s fine to consume these in moderation, but be sure to brush your teeth frequently so you don’t accidentally fall asleep after a long night of sugary sweets. Snacks that are safe to eat include breads, cheeses and vegetable sticks.

Many parties have fruit and vegetable trays, so try to fill your plate with those options before you head to the dessert table. It’s easy to forget about your mouth while you’re busy celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years, but having a few days off work doesn’t mean you have a few days off from taking care of your teeth.

A simple reminder can be created by putting a sticky note by your bed or your bathroom mirror. That way, the excitement of the holidays won’t fade into disappointment at your next dental appointment. With a little effort and consideration, you can bring in 2025 happily and safely.

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